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Showcasing the unlimited potential of the human spirit and friendship, The Edge Of Impossible follows High Fives Foundation athlete Tony Schmiesing’s journey to become the first quadriplegic to heli-ski the rarefied backcountry of the Chugach Mountain Range in Alaska, the Mecca of the extreme freeskiing world.

A small footnote in skiing history (for now), this first descent project is a significant one in disabled skiing history. Considered technically unattainable for a bi-ski, a rig designed for groomers and not deep powder, Tony Schmiesing, the High Fives Foundation, Points North Heli-Adventures and his team chose to bypass conventional wisdom and push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible for a quadriplegic skier. Without precedent and some technical ingenuity, the project was a monumental success.

This uplifting and inspirational filmĀ about creativity, determination and teamwork was directed by Conor Toumarkine and produced by the High Fives Foundation, who, in the spring of 2014, gave a Winter Empowerment Grant to Tony and his team to provide them with the tools and travel necessary to accomplish Tony’s lifelong goal of experiencing the weightlessness of pure Alaskan powder skiing.


moon_The EdgeOfImpossible_Alaska_ConorToumarkine
Photo by Conor Toumarkine


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