The Music

The music in The Edge Of Impossible is essential. Artists gave graciously to the project from jump, without hesitation, wanting only to help tell this unique story and be part of the High Fives Foundation’s mission.

We are moved by their generosity and stoked to share their art.

Music in order of appearance:

Germany Germany album artGermany Germany

Miaoux Miaoux album artMiaoux Miaoux
“Stop the Clocks”

Big spiders back album artBig Spider’s Back
“Perfect Machine”

teen daze lp artTeen Daze
“Driving Home From The Beach (The Feeling Of)”
Written by: Jamison Dick
Published by: Red Brick Music Publishing

High contrast album artHigh Contrast
“Moonwatcher (NHS mix)

The red river album artThe Red River
"I Will Give Thanks”